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A television series based on the New York Magazine Articles by Nancy Jo Sales.  Prep School Gangsters is a dramatic series about a young, aspiring reporter, JENNY, who crosses the line in pursuit of a story: a 1990s New York City drug ring run by private school kids from Park Avenue and poor kids from the projects. With Hip Hop as the soundtrack, Prep School Gangsters uncovers an underworld filled with glamor, opportunity, and danger, as these diverse teens use the city as their playground. As Jenny descends into this alluring world, she is forced to face her own views on race, ambition and greed, as she spirals deeper and deeper into criminality.

We also wanted to separate TV and Film into two categories. The TV category would have Prep School Gangsters, Gotham Diaries, She’s Gotta Have It and Miracle’s Boys. The rest is film.