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Amphibia is a sci-fi love story from director Kristina Nikolova Dalio. Twenty years after a mass . environmental collapse, Pearl City is believed to be the last society standing in a climate-changed world. Kahn, the city’s visionary savior-turned-dictator, has realized that the only way to survive is to take Pearl City underwater – by creating a genetically modified civilization that can hold their breaths for hours. The only resistance against him, the Tide, was subdued years ago when its leader and former partner, Katerina, left to search for life outside and reportedly drowned. Twenty years later, a tidal wave hits Pearl City, bringing fate to their doorsteps and dragging Katerina’s only daughter, Kai, underwater. Kai is saved by Noah, who is Kahn’s first step towards the future. As Kai and Noah’s true love gives birth to the hope of a new world, they must join forces with the Tide to ensure the survival of humanity.


Trell is a film based on the novel by Dick Lehr. In 1988 in Boston, on a hot summer night, a twelve-year-old girl was sitting on a mailbox talking with her friends when she became the innocent victim of gang-related gunfire. Fourteen-year-old Trell Taylor was just a baby when her father was convicted of the crime, but she’s always known he was innocent. With the help of a white rookie lawyer and a seasoned reporter, she sets out on a dangerous search, uncovering harsh, disturbing facts about gang lords, police corruption and her father’s criminal past. But can they find the truth before a dangerous figure from the neighborhood gets to them? TRELL is a gripping thriller about a man’s false imprisonment for murder, and his courageous daughter’s fight to free him.

Agents of Gallagher

For 150 years, our nation’s brightest have attended The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. To the public, the school appears to be purely college prep, but behind closed doors, this is the Hogwarts for spies who will become the Mrs. Smith of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And now the Gallagher Girls face their biggest challenge yet: protecting one of their own while trying to unravel the conspiracy that threatens their entire community. A high-stakes thriller, this film showcases the power of friendship and sisterhood and takes us deep into the heart of a covert world.. a world most people have never had the clearance to see. Until now.

Gotham Diaries

Gotham Diaries  is based on the National Bestselling novel by Tonya Lewis Lee and Crystal McCrary that provides a peek into the world of the super-rich, super-connected African Americans in Manhattan

Lauren is trying to be an independent woman, starting her own documentary film company, but it’s difficult when you’re married to Ed Thomas, one of the wealthiest African-American businessmen in the country–and particularly when he seems to have a roving eye. Manny is an up-and-coming gay real estate agent who arrived in Manhattan from Alabama with only the clothes on his back. He’s made his way to the top of his profession–yet he still wants more. Tandy is one of the “ladies who lunch”–but she’s desperate to reinvent herself and find a new source of cash flow.

Steal Away

In the fall of 1871, the Fisk Jubilee Singers, a choir of freedmen and former slaves, set out to raise money for the nearly-bankrupt Fisk University, a school established to educate emancipated slaves. Performing along the route of the old Underground Railway, the singers are ejected from hotels and railroad cars and face exploitation, prejudice, and perilous conditions to save their school. A deeply moving portrait of perseverance and the power of art and education, STEAL AWAY follows these singers as they risk their lives for their ultimate freedom, while educating the world about their spirit.


Prep School Gangsters

A television series based on the New York Magazine Articles by Nancy Jo Sales.

Prep School Gangsters is a dramatic series about a young, aspiring reporter, JENNY, who crosses the line in pursuit of a story: a 1990s New York City drug ring run by private school kids from Park Avenue and poor kids from the projects. With Hip Hop as the soundtrack, Prep School Gangsters uncovers an underworld filled with glamor, opportunity, and danger, as these diverse teens use the city as their playground. As Jenny descends into this alluring world, she is forced to face her own views on race, ambition and greed, as she spirals deeper and deeper into criminality.