In Development


Gallagher Girls

Gallagher Girls is based on The New York Times best selling series by Ally Carter, which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide.  The film is being developed with Paramount Pictures.

For 150 years, the world’s brightest have attended the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. While to the public, the school may appear to be purely a prep school, code breakers, elite scientists and deep cover operatives have all mastered their skills at this highly unusual school. And now the Gallagher Girls face their biggest challenge yet: protecting one of their own while trying to unravel the conspiracy that threatens their entire sisterhood. When Cammie enlists her roommates for help, they must navigate the world of covers and lies, double agents and traitors. The real world is knocking at the door of the Gallagher Academy, and no one can be trusted.

Gotham Diaries

Gotham Diaries  is based on the National Bestselling novel by Tonya Lewis Lee and Crystal McCrary that provides a peek into the world of the super-rich, super-connected African Americans in Manhattan

Lauren is trying to be an independent woman, starting her own documentary film company, but it’s difficult when you’re married to Ed Thomas, one of the wealthiest African-American businessmen in the country–and particularly when he seems to have a roving eye. Manny is an up-and-coming gay real estate agent who arrived in Manhattan from Alabama with only the clothes on his back. He’s made his way to the top of his profession–yet he still wants more. Tandy is one of the “ladies who lunch”–but she’s desperate to reinvent herself and find a new source of cash flow.

Steal Away

Steal Away is a film that recounts the history of the Fisk Jubilee singers and is being co-produced with Monumental Pictures/London.

Prep School Gangsters

A television series based on the New York Magazine Articles by Nancy Jo Sales

“They cruise the city in chauffeured cars, blasting rap, selling pot to classmates. How some of New York’s richest kids joined forces with some of its poorest.”